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Love Mural Process

There is no right or wrong way to create a mural. Mural design is basically the same as old school signage and advertising design. There are many techniques that were used to reproduce a design onto a large scale space, and replicate it if necessary. But an important factor in determining what technique works best comes down to a few key factors: - Material in which the mural will be placed on (wood, cinderblock, brick) Your paint will be dependant on the material - Interior or Exterior - Scale and Space I have yet to try all these techniques but as I create more murals I will be implementing them depending on the space. For the love mural I free...

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What I Learned Spray Painting a Shipping Container Mural (so you didn't have to)

Get a speedy view of the shipping container mural I spray painted meant to inspire during the spring 2020 events. I walk you through some of the challenges I had with this mural as well as how I adapted to them. There's not always some fancy way of accomplishing something. Sometimes the best way is to just do it the way that is easiest to you. This mural sits along a highway and goes along with another mural I did, featured in a post to come. Until next time, Alyssa xo

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