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About Alyssa King

Alyssa King is a Canadian urban artist & graphic designer. Currently based out of Toronto, she has always been inspired by graffiti, street art and the positivity it can evoke in a community.

Always attracted to spray paint she began in high school creating banksy-esq stencils. She studied graphic design and worked in advertising where she'd walk to work admiring the street art, dreaming of the day she could work for her self and create murals and art to inspire others. 

Inspirited by the city streets and the textures they hold, Alyssa's work can also be identified by fluorescent and bright colour palettes; often mimicking the glow of neon lights.

However, King's work can't be credited to the city streets alone. With her background in graphic design she calls upon discarded packaging, predominantly cardboard and up-cycled goods to create her city textures, recycling and breathing new life into every day elements. She incorporates typography and bold statements to spread her message of inspiration and motivation.

As an emerging artist she strives to create accessible art. She's reached her goal of creating murals and looks to continue on in a direction of inspiring people to live their dreams.


Alyssa King