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About Alyssa King

Alyssa King is a multi-disciplinary, urban artist who predominately works with spray paint.

For as long as Alyssa can remember she's been drawn to and inspired by street art and graffiti. From its humble origins to the bright and expressive murals we see today, Street art brings inspiration, colour, and conversation into public spaces. The thought that the smallest message catching someone’s attention on the street can have a higher impact on their day, has always been the backbone of Alyssa's work.

Alyssa creates bright and stunning urban art meant to inspire you on a daily. Her belief in the philosophy of repetition and its impact on building certain mindsets fuels her desire for creating powerful pieces with thought-provoking and aspirational messaging.

Her process ever-evolving, she works with reclaimed materials creating textures reminiscent of what can be found within the city streets. Incorporating her background in graphic design she utilizes iconography, symbols, and plastered “wheat-pasted” images to support her overall vision.

Alyssa King