Canvas Stretchin' 101
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Canvas Stretchin' 101

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Watch me do it here!

Sure it's scary stretching your own canvas, but it's also half the fun being able to say you did it yourself... (and it's cheaper). I'm no professional, but I'll tell you how I do it in just 4 steps 😉.


  1. Unstretched, unprimed Canvas (buy at a local art shop or on amazon)

  2. Frame (make your own, find one or purchase)

  3. Stapler & Scissors

Step 1

Cut a piece of canvas that overhangs the frame by 1" - leaving plenty of fabric to stretch over the sides of the frame and staple.

Step 2

Place a staple in the centre of the shortest side, where the centre support bar meets up with the side bar. Do the same to the opposite side. Pull tight to ensure there are no wrinkles; but don't pull too tight that the fabric warps.

Step 3

Do the same with the opposite sides. Then work your way to the corners alternating sides in a similar rotation. Pull the canvas taut, stapling until you get to the corners of the frame.

Step 4

Fold the corners in like a present and staple. You don't want to be able to see canvas from the front, and there shouldn't be a mass of fabric. Cut excess fabric and staple down any edges if necessary and you're done!

The final product

Have any other questions or tips? Let me know below.

Chat soon, Alyssa x

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